DKS-S CMC is a line of high purity sodium carboxymethylcellulose polymers. The high purity grades of DKS-S CMC meet or exceed all FDA standards for use in foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. DKS-S CMC also has application in textiles, paper, ceramics, animal feed, and building materials.

DKS-S CMC has many unique features. An especially important one is the consistency and uniformity from one production lot to the next. This results in a line of CMC products with very tight viscosity ranges, degree of substitution, and particle size for each grade.

DKS-S CMC can provide the following functions:

  • Thickening agent
  • Protective Colloid (Has wide compatibility with other gums / stabilizers)
  • Water retention agent
  • Rheology or flow control agent
  • Resistant to heat, enzyme and bacterial decomposition

DKS-S CMC is available in many grades in order to serve the vast and diverse market applications for CMC.

The variety of DKS-S CMC grades are based on:

  • Purity
  • Viscosity
  • Degree of Substitution
  • Particle Size

DKS-S CMC is a powdered product that is characterized by very rapid solubility and viscosity yield. Because of its extremely fast hydration, it is normally dry blended with other ingredients or slurried in a non-aqueous liquid before mixing in water. If lumps or “fish-eyes” result from mixing, continued mild agitation will disperse them.

DKS-S CMC is packaged in multi-wall paper bag with an inner heat sealed polyethylene liner. Net weight is 25 kilograms per bag.

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