HME Energizer is a non-ionic surface active agent that provides uniform particle separation of drilling fluid additives. It is specifically formulated to water-wet asphalts, shale stabilizers, lubricants, and spotting fluids in all water based muds. HME Energizer can often cure existing flotation of asphalts and shale stabilizer additives. It also helps to prevent oil-wet barite in underbalanced horizontal drilling applications.


Physical Appearance Clear Liquid
Specific Gravity  0.80
Weight  6.7 pounds per gallon


Maximizes performance of drilling fluid additives
Water-wets asphalts and other shale stabilizer products
Helps blend lubricants and spotting fluids into the active system
Helps prevent oil wetting of barite
LC50 value of 1 million @ 0.50 ppb in generic mud #7


Drip feed 0.2 to 0.4 ppb HME Energizer at pump suction to maintain homogenous drilling fluid. Or alternatively add one can for every 8 to 10 sacks of asphalt.

To cure flotation of asphalts or other shale stabilizer products, distribute 5 to 10 gallons of HME Energizer over the surface of each pit and agitate. Several treatments may be necessary depending upon severity.

To incorporate lubricants and spotting fluids into the active system, first blend 0.25 to 0.50 ppb of HME Energizer into the active system.

To help prevent oil wetting of barite, blend 0.25 to 0.75 ppb into the active system depending upon severity.

HME Energizer is packaged in 24 gauge steel 5 gallon (U.S.) pails

HME Energizer is a registered trademark of Montello, Inc.

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